1/08/2020 Twitter Mailbag

Draft season is quickly approaching and in a league that saw two 9-7 teams make the playoffs, one with a home game. The parity in the league is at an all time high. Should make for a very interesting draft season. Twitter has questions! And here are some of those!

Do the patriots take a QB in the first round or do they resign brady for 2 years and take one later on the draft?

This seems to be a team that could make this draft very interesting. I think New England is in position to get one of the 2nd tier guys in round 1, which should include Love, Hurts, and Eason. I’d have to wait until after the combine to see who that would be. A sleeper idea for the Patriots starting QB next season could be Jacoby Brissett, coming back in a trade.

What wide receiver do you think fits Grudens offense best? Tall/possession or short/speedy?

One thing the Raiders lacked this season was speed. You saw it when Rico Gafford came up, it opened up the offense. They need a field stretcher. I’ve been saying that Henry Ruggs III makes a ton of sense for the Raiders, because of the speed. Another option could be a KJ Hamler type guy in a trade down scenario.

Do you see the Raiders making any trades in the Draft?

This is always a difficult question to answer, because it all depends on how the draft board falls. I expect them to trade down from 12 or 19 if certain guys don’t fall and pick up a 2nd round pick. A lot of this answer depends on how Gruden views the QB class, if he doesn’t like Jordon Love or Jacob Eason, I could see them moving out of 19. They could move down to New England or New Orleans and stack picks in a deep mid-round draft.

Who would be your sleeper picks to jump into round 1, that nobody is really talking about?

Ah, I love this question. I have a few.

-CB Paulson Adebo is projected as a day 2 guy by most. However, with a solid pre-draft process, he could climb. He doesn’t have any elite characteristics, but he’s good at everything.

DE Julian Okwara, is a guy that is in a position to climb based on the weak edge class. He pops out on tape, and has all the characteristics of a good NFL pass rusher, his college production wasn’t always there and that’s why he’s not a 1st round projection by everyone. Okwara reminds me a bit of Harold Landry as far as draft projection goes, someone is getting a steal here.

S Ashtyn Davis- an effort guy that, will contribute in the run game. Safety is a relatively weak position in this draft. Davis is somewhere between Safety 2-5 and with a solid pre-draft process, he could propel into a late round 1 pick.

With smith returning, which of the Two Bama receivers would you prefer?

Pick your poison. Ruggs and Juedy will both be good NFL receivers. With Ruggs think Stefon Diggs, while with Juedy think Odell Beckham Jr. without the baggage. Either option is good for any team in this league and worthy of a first round selection.

Do you believe the Dolphins having 14 picks in the draft which include 3 #1’s 2 #2’s 1 #3 will be enough to be a competitive Team To turn things around in the AFC East ?

I think so, I don’t think they will jump Buffalo or New England in one year. However, If Miami adds a quarterback and builds that offensive line a bit, they have pieces to build around. You’re looking at a potential 6-10 team, with upside.

Which team makes the jump into the top 10 to grab a quarterback?

Not sure, depends on how Tua checks out physically and how badly Miami wants him. I could see Indianapolis, Las Vegas or Tampa trading up for Herbert or Tua.

If raiders go two defensive players in the first what WR would you target in round 3 or would you trade into the 2nd to get one and who?

This is actually how I expect this draft to pan out for them. Some day 2 guys to keep an eye on Tyler Johnson, KJ Hamler, Justin Jefferson and Michael Pittman Jr.

Where do you see Jake Fromm being drafted? Do you think he has the arm strength to succeed in the NFL?

Jake Fromm to me is a day 3 pick, I think he will go in the fourth somewhere. I think he can succeed in the right situation, but teams shouldn’t draft him with intentions of him leading their franchise. He looks to be a career back-up.

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