The Case for Number One: Jeudy V. Lamb

The classic case of Zeppelin or Floyd; the 2020 draft leaves NFL General Managers with a fantastic dilemma: Jerry Jeudy or Ceedee Lamb? I don’t believe there is a correct answer to this question; however, I tend to lean towards one of these standout receivers. With this being said, I can only give my opinion on my preference. This is not fact. I believe both of these receivers will be successful at the next level with whichever lucky team gets their hands on them. Let’s take a look at both of these prospects and diagnose some pros, cons and comparisons for each.

Jerry Jeudy (Alabama): Listed as 6’1 and 192 pounds. 

Pros: Jeudy is the best route runner in the draft class and I don’t believe it is close. His ability to get separation from defensive backs makes him a big play threat. Jeudy is one of the most consistent players in the draft. If there is one thing NFL GMs love, it is consistency. Jeudy has sure hands. Do not let the 2019 LSU game fool you – he can catch a cold on the Sun. Even the occasional football fan can tell when a player really puts the work in to hone his craft. The eye test checks out on this up and coming star.

Cons: None, but if I had to dig at anything it would be his size. He is a bit lanky, but once he is able to get into an NFL weight room, I believe this will be a non factor. I am interested in seeing him play against competition that will press him more. With his body, type he may be susceptible to getting pushed off his route.

Comparison: Amari Cooper.

CeeDee Lamb (Oklahoma): Listed as 6’2 and 190 pounds. 

Pros: Where do I start? Deandre, I mean, CeeDee’s catch radius has to be anything within fifty yards. His ball skills are sensational. He is a natural hands catcher with the body control to stay in front of the ball regardless of his positioning on the field. I have often compared him to my favorite Wide Receiver, Deandre Hopkins, but I find CeeDee to be more elusive than Nuk. Quicker than fast, CeeDee is a menace in the open field. He can easily break tackles due to his low center and quickness. Throw on the tape and grab some popcorn.

Cons: CeeDee is not a burner. I don’t believe he possesses breakaway speed off the line. Similarly to Jeudy, I would like to see what an NFL weight room can do for CeeDee. One last note is his route running. Although he breaks in and out of routes well, his route tree seems limited due to the style of offense ran at Oklahoma. 

Comparison: Deandre Hopkins.

It wouldn’t surprise me if both of these prospects are top 10 Wide Receivers in the next few years. They have that “IT” factor you want to see when you turn on the tape. Want consistency? Go for Jerry Jeudy. Want the BOOM? Go for CeeDee Lamb. I tend to lean more towards Lamb, but I am always up for a debate. I may sneak a little bias in towards Lamb because I saw him every year playing against my Frogs. Nevertheless, if you are an NFL GM do not overthink this decision. I feel just as great listening to Pink Floyd as I do Led Zeppelin. 

Who is your favorite WR prospect?

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