Draft Profile: DT Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina

Size- 6’5” 315 LBS

Draft Projection- Top half of RD1

Red Flags- Knee Tendinitis could be a lingering issue

NFL Comparison-Calais Campbell

Every year, I have a draft crush that I won’t shut up about. This year that guy is Javon Kinlaw, who should be on the radar of everyone by now. Kinlaw stood out on tape all year, and just pulled out of the senior bowl with a strong week of practice. Here is a breakdown of the great prospect.


  • Explosiveness- This is a scouting cliche, but this guy shoots out like a bullet. He is extremely quick out of his stance, and he resets the line of scrimmage very quickly. For a guy that is 315 lbs, he comes in low and powerful, wreaking havoc on opposing lineman.
  • Pass rush ability- Kinlaw has a full arsenal of pass rushing moves, and vast room for growth as well. He dominated the college level with his size, and upper body strength to create a bull rush. Kinlaw is quick enough and his hands are good enough, that at the pro-level he should be able to dominate the interior. When he loses at the line of scrimmage, he never quits, and has a high motor to make up for mistakes.


  • Processing plays- Kinlaw jumps out in pass rush situations, however it creates issues sometimes. He has a hard time reading screens, and zone run plays. He finds himself out of position often, because he is so athletic and quick. Instead of guessing and making up for mistakes with his athleticism, Kinlaw will greatly benefit from being able to read a play and adjust. NFL caliber coaching, should help him in this area.
  • Technique- As with the prior weakness, this is one that comes from being athletic enough to make up for mistakes at the college level. In the pros, technique matters more, and you can’t rely on your athleticism. His pad level is often times to high, causing him to get washed out in the run game. He also has a tendency to try and work through blocks with his strength, rather than get outside and using his hands.


Kinlaw is a rising talent on draft boards everywhere, based on pure natural ability. Kinlaw, needs to perfect his craft, and he could be an all-pro caliber NFL player. I see no reason, that he can’t do that, as much as I hate talking about a player upbringing, he has battled his whole life. There is no reason to believe, he will stop battling now.

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