Top 10 QB’s

Top 10 QB’s

Joe Burrow – LSU
From the fringe of draftable to no doubt first pick in the draft. What a 2019 season for Burrow. Burrow led this resurgence with pinpoint accuracy and a crazy good feel for the pocket. He finished the year with over 5,600 yards 60 touchdowns through the air and another 5 on the ground. While Burrow executed Joe Brady’s offensive gameplan seamlessly, he did his best work when the pocket broke down and he was forced to create. Joe Burrow was a dual threat high school QB prospect and while he won’t become Lamar Jackson at the next level he definitely has the athletic ability to turn a disaster into a big play. Heisman Trophy, National Champion, and eventual first pick. All these titles will hold the burden of expectations and Burrow will have the opportunity from Day 1.

Tua Tagovailoa – Alabama
The medical results of Tua’s devastating hip injury will obviously be a huge factor in where he lands on Big Boards, Mock Drafts, and ultimately where he will play in the NFL. Tua is an extremely prolific player when healthy and as long as the injury doesn’t prove to be degenerative I think he’s a lock for the first round. Tua threw for nearly 3,000 yards in just 9 games this season. As long as his body is ok there’s no reason why he can’t be a successful NFL QB. The team that drafts him may be forced to be patient with his comeback but Tua is the kind of franchise player you stay patient with.

Justin Herbert – Oregon
Herbert threw for 10,500 yards and 95 touchdowns throughout his career at Oregon. Thought to be a lock to be a top 2 QB after the 18/19 season.  I have him regressing just slighty to QB3. However you felt about Herbert following last year should be similar to how you feel this year. Herbert shows flashes of ellie QB play but his problem has been consistently maintaining it. He has shown good accuracy and a live throwing arm. His decision making leaves something to be desired a little too often. He also possesses the athletic ability to get outside the pocket and throws the ball well on the run.

Jordan Love – Utah State
If you just watched his highlights you may be confused on why he’s not the consensus number one selection. Love has a ton of arm talent and is not afraid to sling the ball down the field. The major concerns come from his decision making, accuracy, and tendency to turn the ball over. After his 2018 sophomore season, where he threw for 3,500 yards, 64% completion percentage and 32 touchdowns to only 6 interceptions he responded with 3,400 yards, 62% completion percentage and 20 touchdowns to 17 interceptions. While stats can be misleading, Love’s junior year campaign obviously fell short of expectations. He will need to become more consistent with his accuracy and complete passes at a higher percentage. Love may have the highest ceiling in this QB class and I’d imagine a team will fall, “in Love.”

Jalen Hurts – Oklahoma
Hurts is definitely one of the more intriguing prospects in this class. While he experienced success at both Alabama and Oklahoma his throwing techniques have been questioned. His senior year at Oklahoma he threw for over 3,800 yards, 69% completion percentage, and 32 touchdowns with 8 interceptions. He also ran for 1,300 yards and had 20 touchdowns on the ground. These were some of the best numbers put up in the nation. His tendency to turn the ball over and his inconsistencies with his accuracy will still leave teams with question marks come draft day.

Jacob Eason – Washington
After starting his career at Georgia, where he started as a true freshmen, Eason transferred to Washington for his junior season and put up 3,100 yards, 64% completion percentage, and 23 touchdowns with 8 interceptions While his numbers weren’t the most eye popping, his arm is. The ball absolutely explodes out of his hand and Eason plays with the confidence he can make every throw. He seems to get a little panicked in the face of pressure and needs to work through progressions faster. If he gets paired with a coach that believes in him, in the NFL, he has the talent to become one of the most prolific QB’s in the NFL.

Jacob Fromm – Georiga
Outlasted, and remained the starter over Jacob Eason and Justin Fields. Fromm was a 3 year starter at Georiga where he amassed 8,200 yards, 63% completion percentage and 78 touchdowns with 18 interceptions. Fromm never threw for over 3,000 yards in a season in his time at Georiga. Whether or not his conservative play came from the gameplan out his own decision making it left something to be desired. Fromm won’t be the most electrifying prospect in the class but his floor should vee extremely high. A West Coast scheme will probably be his best fit at the next level.

Anthony Gordon – Washington State
Another Mike Leach product that benefited from the Air Raid offense en route to 5,500 yards, 71% completion percentage, and 48 touchdowns with 16 interceptions. Gordon would no doubt be a project moving on to the NFL. His footwork, and pocket presence needs a ton of work. If a team is prepared to be patient, Gordon also possesses some of the most unique skills of any QB in the class. He plays with a supreme confidence you want to see in a QB and he’s proficient at utilizing different throwing angles, which seems to be a trendy QB skill. There will be concerns with Gordon’s experience taking snaps under center and translating from a college Air Raid to the NFL but given an ability to develop Gordon could definitely become a starting NFL QB.

Tyler Huntley – Utah
Huntley has a tendency to fixate on his first read and if it’s not there he takes off. With improvement in his progressions and deep accuracy, Huntley has a good skill set for the NFL. Good at utilizing his mobility to wait until receivers find their way open. He probably will project as a backup to begin his career but his elite mobility paired with a strong arm could be an interesting development project for some team.

James Morgan – Florida International
After playing his first 2 seasons for Bowling Green, Morgan transferred to FIU for his final two years of eligibility where he now has the record for wins and touchdown passes in a season. He has prototypical size for a NFL pocket passer at 6’4″ 215. He’s not afraid to sling the football around the field and plays with a great confidence. Possibly will never possess the skills to be extremely prolific player but has a high floor and in an appropriate scheme could be a top tier backup.

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