Las Vegas Raiders 7 Round Mock Draft: Post Free Agency

The Raiders have been active this week, with a few hits, and some swings and misses. After trying hard for Jones, Harris and Slay at the CB position, it’s clear they are after a CB1. However, the Raiders have addressed enough needs this off-season so far to allow them to go best player available the majority of the draft. Here is how they could attack this draft. ( All picks have been put 10 simulators- If they aren’t available 70 percent of the time they will not be taken here)

Round 1 (Pick 12)- WR- Jerry Jeudy, Alabama

Say what you want here, the Raiders are going WR. There are 3 gems, and everyone has their own opinion. I could see the Raiders going for any of the 3, but I feel Jeudy is the sharpest route-runner, and a perfect fit for Gruden. The Raiders get their guy to go opposite of Tyrell Williams and can now shift the focus to defense.

Round 1 (Pick 23) Trade- CB- Trevon Digs, Alabama

The Raiders pick 19 and Jordon Love is on the board, the Patriots decide to move up and grab him. In result the Raiders Receive picks 98 and 125. Perhaps the Raiders biggest need outside of WR is CB. They swung big in FA and missed out, fortunately for them Trevon Diggs has potential to be a lock-down guy in this league. This would be a dream scenario for the Raiders, and in this dire time of quarantine their scouts only have to watch one teams tape.

Round 3 (Pick 80)- S- Jeremy Chinn, Southern Illinois

Jeremy Chinn is a sleeper, that may fall, due to a lack of pre-draft chances. This could be awesome for the Raiders, Chinn would fill the Raiders need in the safety group. A play-maker, that creates turnovers and is versatile enough to roam the field, If this is the Raiders first three picks in April the team should throw a parade.

Round 3 (Pick 81)- CB- Troy Pride Jr., Notre Dame

Even with the pick of Diggs in Rd 1, the Raiders lack depth in the secondary. The value here is too high to pass up. This would give the Raiders a potential CB group of Mullen, Diggs, Pride, Joyner, and Johnson a youthful group that they’ve been missing for a long time.

Round 3 (Pick 91)- WR/KR- Lynn Bowden Jr., Kentucky

Again, the Raiders go BPA and double dip at a position. This is the riskiest pick so far, because Bowden isn’t as polished as some guys left on the board. However, the Raiders need speed on offense and on special teams. This kills two birds with one stone. Bowden was my sleeper pick to run the fastest 40 at the combine, but didn’t get a chance to run. Bowden, can lineup anywhere on offense, and could be a fun piece for Gruden.

Round 3 (Pick 98 Via NE)- RB- AJ Dillon, Boston College

Josh Jacobs is a work-horse, but the Raiders want to keep it that way. Dillon would offer a backup with size, that can ease Jacobs of some carries in the middle of ball games. The trio of Jacobs, Dillon and Richard is intriguing and an above average group in this league.

Round 4 (Pick 121)- Edge- Alex Highsmith, Charlotte

Like Chinn, Highsmith got screwed by the Corona Virus. This is a similar pick to Crosby last year, a guy that dominated at a small school. The Raiders add him to a rotation of Crosby, Ferrell and Nassib and instantly bring there edge group into the respectable conversation.

Round 4 (Pick 125 Via New England)- IOL- John Simpson, Clemson

The Raiders have Gabe Jackson on a 9.6 mil cap hit, and not great depth at the guard position. I do expect them to go interior O-Line at some point in this draft, with or without Gabe in the fold.

Round 5 (Pick 159)- IDL- Benito Jones, Ole Miss

All the needs are addressed at this point, so best player available is the route. Jones could replace one of the underachievers along the d-line. The Raiders have addressed a ton of needs in this scenario, and Mayock and Gruden can go into training camp happy.

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