Jeudy, Lamb and Ruggs: 3 Gems

The draft is 3 days away, and there is still no clarity on who the prized WR in this draft is. My tone has remained the same throughout the past few months, they are all prizes in this draft. Each guy offers you elite traits, and can step in as a wide receiver one right away. In this draft it’s going to come down to two things, scheme fits and team needs. In result, all 3 guys should go top 15. Here is my breakdown of what these 3 guys offer to a lucky team

Jerry Jeudy

Jerry Jeudy is my WR1, but the margin isn’t huge. I have him #1 for the simple reason that he is an elite route-runner. Jeudy is a technician with his footwork and route-running, he should have zero problem at the pro-level getting separation and creating. Jeudy played both inside and outside at Alabama, which is the new norm for WR1’s in the NFL, most guys that produce at a high clip can lineup all over the field. I expect Jerry Jeudy to be the first WR off the board either in a trade up or to Las Vegas at 12.

Pros- Dynamic Movement skills, route-running, High football IQ, and great catch radius

Cons- Hands could use a little work

Pro Comp- Odell Beckham Jr.

Henry Ruggs III

Henry Ruggs III fell under the shadow of his teammate Jeudy, but recently his draft stock has sky-rocketed. Ruggs is considered to be some teams #1 guy, and the reason is simple, imitation. Teams saw how successful Tyreke Hill made the Kansas City Chiefs and replicating that is an ideal situation. Ruggs is underrated in many areas, because of his college production, but don’t let that fool you. Ruggs has great hands and is as explosive as they come. Ideally a team should take him as a high-end #2 to help open up the offense.

Pros- Speed, Hands, and can play both Y and Z

Cons- Catch radius and can grow a bit in his route tree

Pro Comp- Desean Jackson

CeeDee Lamb

The third of the gems in this 2020 class is Oklahomas Ceedee Lamb. Lamb is a stud, and his college production shows that. Lamb has extremely good ball-skills and is great in the red-zone. Lamb exhibits a wide catch-radius that can help average qbs look far more accurate than they are. I think in the right scheme Ceedee can excel and really make an offense hum. I have Lamb down as the most physical of the three guys, which could catapult him to the top of some teams boards. The only major knock I have on Lamb is he doesn’t have the over the top speed that the other guys have, but his game is very fine tuned and offers many positives.

Pros- Physicality, Catch-Radius and Body Control

Cons- Burst and long range speed

Pro Comp- Deandre Hopkins

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